How Does the Pioneer Laser Treat Soft Tissue Procedures

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Pioneer Diode Lasers are dentistry's most user-friendly diode lasers to date. With a simplified control panel, the Pioneer diode lasers feature the latest and finest solid state diode laser technology, accurate power output and a consistent wavelength. The results show smooth, precise, and clean for tissue modification procedures and therapeutic procedures.

Pioneer Laser can be emitted in either a continues or pulsed temporal mode. The Pioneer diode lasers are designed to deliver both. Laser require a power supply and an active medium in order to produce light. Dental lasers employe different active mediums such as the man-made rods found in the YAG lasers, liquid, gas, or solid state feature an aluminum, gallium and arsenide semiconductor crystal that is activated or 'pumped' when an electrical current is passed through it, and it then produces an elliptically shaped display of monochromatic light. This light is then focused into a very small thread of light and directed into an optical fiber, which carries it to the target tissue. The resultant photothermal reaction results in vaporization at the cellular level. 



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