How to Operate a Laser: the Pioneer Elite

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While adding a laser to any dental office can greatly benefit both the dentist and their patients, it’s important to understand how the new tool will adjust the procedure processes. This article will briefly cover the steps for proper laser operation in a contact soft tissue procedure using the Pioneer Elite.

Laser Information

The Pioneer Elite is a battery powered 3-watt diode laser with fixed fiber tips. When fully charged the laser battery lasts 45 minutes continuously lazing or 8 hours in standby time.


Press the ready button and after about 3 seconds the aiming beam should light up. At this time, review the power and mode requirements for the procedure, which can be found in the manual or device presets. Press the mode button to select either CW (continuous) or Pulsed mode. Test by firing the laser on a wetted sponge.

Initiate the fiber tip to change the laser energy from light energy to heat energy enabling it to cut tissue. With the foot pedal pressed, make short quick strokes at the lowest power to removed targeted tissue through light contact. Take moments to clean off any debris buildup on the fiber tip by wiping it away with the wetted sponge

When the laser is not being used or the procedure is completed, remove the foot from the pedal and press the Ready button to place the laser in Standby Mode. Remove the fiber tip and dispose of it in a suitable biowaste Sharps disposal. It is bad practice to save certain disposable tips for patients. Fixed fiber tips are disposable and prone to fiber breakage after one use. If the fiber fractures, it will become like a tiny scalpel or have shards break off in the patient's soft tissue during the procedure. This will cause damage and trauma.

Before the laser can be used on another patient, it must be cleaned. Wipe the fiber cable and handpiece with a liquid disinfectant such as BIREX, CaviCide, or 0.5%  sodium hypochlorite solution. Do not disconnect the fiber cable from the laser unit for cleaning as this may contaminate eth optical connection.

If the laser is no longer needed, return to the main menu on the device and press log out. Then the power button can be placed in the OFF position. Insert a new fiber tip or the protective metal cap and snap it into the handpiece to prevent the fiber lens from becoming contaminated.

When considering adding a laser to your practice, it’s vital to become educated about procedures, preparation, maintenance, etc. Contact us for any questions regarding lasers to help determine how a diode laser can benefit your practice.

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