Pioneer Lasers take over distribution of laser accessories for Odyssey Lasers

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Pioneer Lasers, LLC, a world-leading manufacturer of diode lasers, has announced that it will take over the distribution of laser accessories for Odyssey Lasers’ Odyssey 2.4G and Odyssey Navigator, effective Sept 1st, 2018.

Previously, Pioneer manufactured the Odyssey 2.4G which continues to be available under the name Pioneer Pro, and the Odyssey Navigator, still available under the name Pioneer Elite.

“Customers with Odyssey Lasers can continue to order products and accessories through their existing distributors or at the Pioneer website,” explained Dallin Gunther, senior account manager. “Pioneer Lasers is committed to providing superior customer service for existing and new customers.”

A true leader in the industry, Pioneer Lasers has designed and manufactured diode lasers in West Jordan, Utah since 2003. Thousands of clinicians rely on Pioneer products in their daily practice, as there are more than 15,000 Pioneer Laser units currently in use. Pioneer Pro (formerly Odyssey 2.4G) provides efficiency, performance and cost savings with its patented retractable fiber system, wireless foot pedal, and compact design. Pioneer Elite (formerly Odyssey Navigator) is truly versatile. It features uni-dose laser fiber tips, a long-lasting lithium battery, and a wireless foot pedal, making it conveniently portable between operatories where it is a valuable tool for both hygienists and dentists. 

Providing the latest solid-state diode technology available for soft tissue modifications and preventive care, Pioneer Lasers is dedicated to create innovative products and provide exceptional customer service.

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