Top Soft Tissue Diode Lasers in Dentistry

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Finding the right diode laser for your practice can be difficult. There are a number of options on the market with a lot of similarities between products. In addition, there is no shortage of opinions on what the best soft tissue lasers are. We hope to help dentists in this difficult search by highlighting a variety of brands in the dental industry with the unique laser features.

Pioneer Elite

Originally known as the Odyssey Navigator, the Pioneer Elite has 10,000 units in operation. This diode laser is battery powered giving it the power and feeling of most lasers with more versatility. The laser sits in a portable charging cradle and an invertible touch screen for flexibility during each procedure.  

AMD Picasso Plus

Launched in 2009, the Picasso Plus is one of the highest diode lasers on the market. With average lasers maxing out around 3 to 5 watts, this laser go as high as 7 watts. This laser is able to cover the same amount of procedures but the higher watt advantage is specially designed for effective tooth whitening. Pair with your favorite in-office treatment gel to brighten your patient's smile.

Precise SHP

With Apple being such a well known and common brand for the tech industry, is it any wonder that its technology is used in dentistry? The Precise SHP Diode laser by CAO Group is the only laser to utilize an iPod touch as the operating system. While the laser can only be operated with the iPod attached to the base, the iPod can be removed to more easily view the training videos in the system. These videos not only include laser information but also videos on how to perform a variety of procedures.

Benco Sterling 5 Watt

Sometimes a traditional option is best. Benco’s Sterling is a great starting point when introducing a laser to your practice. Like many others styles, this a continuous fiber, meaning that the fiber for the laser is housed in the machine, not in each individual tip. This is a more cost-effective approach to disposable tips with the only downside being more time is needed. Once the new tip is placed and the wire is fed through, it must be stripped and cleaved before use. However, those tools are provided in a kit with each purchase.

Biolase iLase

A diode laser in the palm of your hand. This tiny personal laser takes out the foot pedal, power cord, and external controls and puts everything into a pen. The battery allows for about 3 wattage power during spot treatment so if kept charged up, this tool can be ready to go asset. This laser addition is great for spot touchups as an addition to your current laser.

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