What’s better, continuous or fixed fiber?

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Image of Fixed Fiber tip vs disposable continuous fiber tip

When using a diode laser there are two different kinds of disposable tips, the continuous fiber and the fixed fiber. Each has a different setup and benefits while both are used on the same procedures for the same results. So which one do you choose?

Continuous Fiber

The reason the Pioneer Pro is known for efficiency in performance and an overall lowest cost-per-patient savings is due to its retractable fiber. When a laser says it has a “continuous” or “retractable” fiber, that means that the fiber spool is being housed in the laser unit and not within the tip. That way, each disposable piece is really just a shell being placed on and then thrown away. The disposable handpiece tips for the Pioneer Pro come in packs of 20 for $29 while the fiber refills of 400 microns cost $499.

X-ray view of Pioneer Pro laser to see where the fiber is stored in the unit

Once the fiber is fed through the disposable tip, it must be stripped and then cleaved before use. Stripping is the process of removing the outer layer of insulation while cleaving is creating a controlled break on the end face of the fiber. Once stripped with the fiber stripper, place the Fiber cleaver at a 45-degree angle to the stripped fiber. It’s very important to not try and cut the fiber at a 90-degree angle. Run the stone along the fiber twice to scribe it a little higher than the current end. This creates a break in the fiber that you can then snap with your fingers.  If you turn the laser on and check the light against a piece of paper, you should see a clearly defined red circle of light.

Fixed Fiber

This decision will come down to you; you know your practice and it’s needs better than anyone. There are benefits and disadvantages to each way the lasers use the optical fiber. Whichever you pick, we just want to provide the best tools. Fixed fibers are already stripped, cleaved and ready to go. These tips are used in lasers like the Pioneer Elite since it’s appeal is the versatility and portability. The downside for some will be that fixed fiber tips are more expensive. The Pioneer Elite offers two fiber tip lengths, standard and perio, in a pack of 50 which costs $349. Dentists then simply pick which style will benefit their practice more. Are they looking for the most cost-effective laser or the quickest on hand option?

Top and side view of fixed fiber tips for the Pioneer Elite






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