What to Consider When Adding a Diode Laser to your Dental Tool Kit

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Any purchasing decision should be made with some forethought. This is especially true when it comes to buying a laser for your practice. While there are many things that can be done, here are 3 important areas that need to be addressed when looking at purchasing a laser.

Practice Needs

Each practice with its clientele is different. While you see a variety of patients on a daily basis, it’s important to understand what kind of need you are fulfilling for your patients. There are many different kinds of lasers, with different wattages and different selling points. While most lasers range from 3 to 5 watts, some go as high as 7. It’s important to have an idea of the kinds of procedures you are wanting to do with the laser and start researching what you will need. There are also other considerations such as portability. Do you want just one laser room? Or do you want a laser that can go from patient to patient as needs arise? All of these details and many more can influence your decision in which laser fits your practice the best.


A lot of laser companies will offer some sort of training program when you are either looking at or have purchased a laser from it. However, not all training programs are equal. One training program may just be focused on how to work the specific laser while others will go in-depth and provide resources for how to use the specific laser in specific procedures. It’s incredibly important to talk about this with the laser rep you are contacting so you can see what trainings are available to you and your staff after you purchase a laser.


Training also can help answer questions and misconceptions many dental professionals can have about lasers. Ensure that your whole staff participates in education so that the transition in adding the laser to the office is more smooth.


There is a high chance you are going to have questions, run into an issue or just need support. While it’s beneficial for you to have a close-knit group or ask questions on Dentaltown, it’s incredibly important to also feel like you can rely on the company you bought the laser from. Lasers are specific and the company will have the most accurate information when it comes to specifics. It can be dangerous, for example, to get answers questions about a Pioneer Laser by someone who had only used AMD. This can even ring true for procedural questions given the wattage and tip difference between lasers. Owning a laser means proceeding with thorough research. See if the laser company is easy to get a hold of, consistent in responding and good at answering questions clearly or providing effective resources.  


Having a laser can benefit your practice in so many ways. That’s why it’s important to have the knowledge and support to most effectively use the tool.  Learn more about diode lasers today or contact us so a representative can see what would work best for you!

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